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How to store and organize baby clothes?

Do you have trouble organizing all of your baby’s clothes? Do you feel overwhelmed by the mountains of baby clothes? 

Parents would tell me that organizing the nursery closet is crucial to keep those numerous garments and shoes easily accessible. 

Babies go through a lot of clothing every single day. Thanks to these ingenious tricks and parent-approved advice for organizing baby clothes in the nursery dresser and closet, you and your child will be on the right track. You’ll also manage to save some money, time, and sanity in the process.

Spennit has a technique for keeping everything organized and sorted and deciding what to get rid of.

1) Sort first by size

To help the process smoothly, sort your baby’s clothes into piles according to size before starting.

Fold or hang up your baby’s clothes once you’ve arranged them according to size. To learn precisely how to achieve this, keep reading!

2) Put older sizes in storage

You’ll note that after sorting your baby’s items by size, not every item will be worn immediately away.

Go ahead and hang them all up if you want to! Older sizes of clothing that your kid won’t need any time soon should be packed and stored if you’re short on space or want to be conservative with your room.

And, while you are on a mission to throw away old clothes for your baby. Why don’t you check out the forever green collection of unisex baby clothes from Spennit. 

3) Mark Storage Containers

During this time, label the storage containers.

This way, you’ll know exactly where to search when your baby outgrows their adorable tiny onesies and requires clothes that suit them. Later on, this technique makes it simple for you to find your baby’s garments.

4) Remove all of your infant’s clothing every three months.

Manufacturers of baby garments scale their products in three-month increments, so you have:


0 to 3 months

3 to 6 months

6 to 9 months

ages 9 to 12

12 to 18 months, etc.

5) Obtain cloth hangers for the baby

The simplest way to arrange baby clothes is to hang them in a nursery closet. Use a wardrobe, install shelves, bring in a clothing rack, or attach a clothes rod to hang the baby’s clothes on hangers if the nursery doesn’t have a built-in closet.

6) Donate or store your unused clothing.

It’s time to decide what you’ll do with your baby’s clothes once you’ve gone through them and have piles of what they wear, don’t wear, and what fits and doesn’t.

You have a few possibilities regarding the apparel items we discussed in the section above. Here are some suggestions:

  • Send these to your family or friends.
  • Give them to a local nonprofit.
  • You should keep them for future babies.
  • Do not hesitate to throw away anything beyond repair if it is ripped or discolored.

7) Snatch Up The Larger Sizes

Remember to get out the bigger sizes for your kid while we’re talking about decluttering and figuring out what to do with these clothes!

It’s time to take your baby’s 6-9 month bucket of clothes and start going through them, repeating techniques four and five if you see that many of the items from your 3-6 month purge no longer suit your baby.

After that, choose whether you want to hang the items or store them in drawers.

8) Keep a few outfits on hand

The last thing we want to do is remind you to keep a few outfits.

We are aware that some clothes will be quite difficult to part with. You aren’t ready to give it on, but that’s okay since your baby was too adorable to pass up!

Keep a few sentimental garments, such as ones for holidays and birthdays, and keep them somewhere special.

Stay organized and shop the latest trends with Spennit

You should now be familiar with storing, purging, and donation strategies for infant clothing.

So, organize all those baby clothes and have a fantastic wardrobe for your baby with Spennit. 



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